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Established in 1988, Hitech is currently one of the leading Building & Civil Engineering Contractors in Nigeria. In addition to headquarters offices in Lagos, we have regional offices located in Abuja, Ibadan and Benin City.

We Build For Your Comfort

The combination of on-site professional management and office-based engineering, design and planning staff, equipped with advanced computerised facilities, has enabled Hitech to maintain itself at the forefront of Construction and Engineering Technology in Nigeria.Hitech is always ready to innovate and introduce proven international developments in design and material technology, Hitech is able to undertake a multitude of Civil Engineering/Building Projects and have adequate facilities for the construction of:

  • Roadworks, Bridges, Drainage & Concrete Structures
  • Land Reclamation, River Canalization & Dredging
  • Dams, Water Supply, Irrigation Schemes & Marine Installations
  • Airport runways and infrastructure

In order to provide logistical support to ongoing projects, Hitech maintains a substantial fleet of heavy-duty construction plant and equipment in addition to numerous haulage vehicles sufficient to supply the material requirements of sites regardless of distance or location.In addition, our operational granite quarry produces aggregates for concrete, asphalt production and stone-base.

Strategically located in South-West (Ibadan) and South-South (Calabar) geo-political zones, these facilities provide the basic bulk material requirements of most engineering projects; and we intend to establish more of these facilities at (close proximity to) all operational areas. Asphalt plants are located on each operational zone for all road surface requirements.In the pursuit of delivering a quality product, Hitech completed in 1998 the installation of a pre-tensioned, pre-stressed beam factory in Abuja and Ibadan utilizing state of the art equipment supplied by Pourtrelles-Precontraine-Beton of France.

These factories commenced production in September 1998 and are capable of producing bridge beams, piles, structural elements, lighting poles and similar products for construction and allied industries. Our Ibadan Factory complements this capability with a pre-tensioned slab production facility.Over the last decade, Hitech brought to Nigeria innovation construction and road building techniques such as:

  • Mechanically reinforced earth walls, (MSE)
  • Foam Bitumen stabilised materials
  • Recycling of existing road layers
  • Continuously reinforced Concrete Pavements, (CRCP)

By means of structured expansion of equipment, assets and resources in addition to the timely adoption of innovative technology Hitech intends to maintain its prominent position in the Nigerian Construction Industry and to expand operations internationally.

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Dany Abboud

Managing Director

Mr. Dany Abboud

Dany Abboud is a proficient civil engineer with a wealth of experience in construction and infrastructure projects. He excels in designing and analyzing structures, preparing comprehensive engineering plans and specifications, and conducting thorough site inspections. Dany possesses a deep understanding of engineering principles, construction materials, and industry standards, allowing him to ensure that projects are executed safely, efficiently, and in full compliance with local regulations. He works closely with the project team, offering valuable insights and expertise to achieve successful project outcomes.

Executive Director

Mr. Ivan Bekker

Ivan Bekker is a seasoned Professional Engineer having been in the industry for over 50 years. His expertise covers the design and construction of road drainage, geometrics and pavement design, Urban, rural and intercity highways, bridges and land infrastructure development. His expertise includes certifying compliance with design and measurement of pavement remaining life expectancy, including prediction of rehabilitation and maintenance strategies to ensure compliance with safety, road user and road owner standards. He has a wealth of experience which is readily shared with the team to produce projects meeting international standards.


Hitech Company Compliance

Through our comprehensive Environmental, Social, Health & Safety (ESHS) Management Plans, and specifically our Code of Conduct, Hitech staff are required to follow all listed company guidelines on Ethics and Business Conduct, which include details of the following policies and practices:

Hitech Human Resources

Our greatest asset is our people. Hitech’s management team is made up of a crop of seasoned professionals, with diverse skills in various backgrounds, as well as depth of experience gathered from national and international institutions.

Hitech Plant And Equipment

Hitech operates an extensive (unencumbered) list construction plant and equipment,


At Hitech Construction, we lead the way in delivering quality across international and regional construction projects. Our pursuit of excellence, empowered by technological expertise, and unwavering dedication to quality and safety, guarantee exceptional results that redefine industry standards.